A Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Individual, Pure Risk Life Insurance plan

Pure Risk Premium Life Insurance Plan

It offers financial protective shield against an untimely death of the life assured during the Policy Term.


Limited Premium term available

You can pay premiums only for a limited number of years within the policy term.



Tension Free Claim Settlement

Death Benefit during Waiting period

Eligibility Criteria:




Age of Entry

18 years

65 years

Basic Sum Assured

 5 Lakhs

25 Lakhs

Policy Term

 5 years

40 years

Premium Paying Term (Regular)

 Same as Policy term

Premium Paying Term (Limited)

 5 years and 10 years

Premium Paying Term (SIngle)


Premium Paying Mode

 Single, Yearly, Half Yearly, Monthly

Sum Assured on Death

            10 times Annualised premium or

            105 % of all premiums Paid as on date of death or

            100% of Basic Sum Assured

            125% of Single Premium or

            100% of Basic Sum Assured

Death Benefit :

             Natural Death : Refund of Premiums

             Accidental Death : Sum Assured on Death will be payable

             Sum Assured on Death will be Payable

Maturity Benefit :

On Survival till end of policy term, No Maturity Benefit will be Payable.